FNQ Family Fun – Family-Friendly things to do in Cairns & FNQ

Are you someone who loves getting out and about around Far Northern Queensland with your kids? Would you like to be kept up with what’s happening for local families around town, and further afield? Me too!!! That’s why I’ve decided to start a community of like minded families. Who’s keen??

Things to do in Cairns - FNQ Family Fun

Join me & other Families & lets make the most of our Backyard!!!

Personally I can think of no better place in the world to raise my kids. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and have lived in a squillion different places (seriously, I have 😉 ) BUT there is something about FNQ that just kept drawing me back, AND I can assure you it is not for the money!!

Things to do in Cairns - FNQ Family Fun

It’s moments like these that make living in FNQ pretty damn special

For me it’s ALL about the lifestyle. Raising my kids here was a given but I have to admit nothing prepared me for the amount of $$ it costs just to bring up kids!! Fortunately, being in the FNQ we’re blessed to have soooo much choice here ‘naturally’ that it doesn’t have to be a purse-breaking exercise each time we go out as a family.

AND I don’t know about you but have you noticed that more and more operators are offering some really ‘HOT’ deals when it comes to being a local nowadys. I must admit that thanks to being ‘AdventureMumma’ we get lots of opportunity to do way more activities than your average FNQ family can afford to do, BUT I don’t want to be the only ‘local’ family out there enjoying these activities. I want to make it simpler for FNQ families to find the deals, get inspired to go outside and make the most of what the FNQ lifestyle is really about. Who’s onboard??

Things to do in Cairns - FNQ Family Fun

There’s some great opportunities for families to get out there….lets not miss out!!!

My desire is to create a community of like minded families that can help each other out with:

  • Finding those amazing family-friendly spots
  • Getting up-to-date info on what the places and facilities are like
  • Sharing those special bargains that help us get out more with the kids

AND I want it to be a group where we know that every time we ‘check in’ we are going to find something super cool to do with our family.

And yes, this community ‘officially’ has a name – its called FNQ Family Fun – it’s a closed group on Facebook that is specifically for people who have kids and live locally (ie. in Far North Queensland).

So, my vision for FNQ Family Fun is that it will be a place where we (as parents) can share what’s happening around town (and beyond), ask questions, find deals that are specifically suited for local families (single parents or otherwise), and just share what’s great about living up in the Far North. The good news is, is if there is a lot of us we may be able to ‘create’ some super deals specifically for our own community.

Here’s the crunch – I need you to CLICK on the link below and JOIN this Family Facebook group NOW!!!

>> FNQ Family Fun <<

AND don’t forget to invite all your friends that you think will be just as excited about this as you are. For every new member that joins by the end of February 2016 you will be in the draw to WIN a family pass on Sunlover Reef Cruises to the Outer Barrier Reef. AND for every member that you ‘invite’ and accept you will receive another entry in the draw. So click HERE >> FNQ Family Fun << and start sharing.

Things to do in Cairns - FNQ Family Fun

Get your kid get out there and have some Family Time on the reef

The Best News is that this Sunlover trip isn’t the only ‘FNQ Family Fun’ thing we will be offering to our ‘community’, we already have plenty of cool trips and deals lined up for our first few months to keep you and the kids entertained, active and enjoying the region. Don’t miss out!! Join up now for Family Friendly things to do in Cairns and beyond >> FNQ FAMILY FUN .

I’m looking forward to seeing you there and sharing a chat 😀

(If you are a local business or tour operator and would like to know how you can get some exposure in this group please email me – kate@adventuremumma.com.au)

The WINNER of the Sunlover Family Pass is Rmp Dedeia – CONGRATS!!!