Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

“This is the best mum! This is the BEST!!” squealed Charlie as we glided silently past the peninsula of Port Douglas. Parasailing had suddenly shot up to the TOP of her list of Port Douglas things to do – and for a 9 year old she had already managed to tick of some formidable adventures for it to compete with…..

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Up High in the Sky!!

In theory my kids had been been well excited about the opportunity to Parasail in Port Douglas BUT as the moment got closer and closer you could sense there was a certain amount of trepidation about the whole exercise. “How wet do we get mum?” they asked often. “Can I go up with you?” checked my youngest once again.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Trying to look brave during harnessing up

You have to take into account that it was stinger (and croc) season when we decided to take up the offer to ‘fly’. I think they had an image of our Tinaroo waterski adventures, where you always start off in the water and end up falling back into the water.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Landing & Taking Off from the Back Deck

Getting soaked doesn’t have to be an option when it comes to a parasailing adventure off the back of a boat. Its possible to do the whole activity completely dry, although I do recommend you put your thumbs up to be ‘dunked’ during your session.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Its a long way down from where I sit!!!

Of biggest interest to me is what we would see. The average height you fly to is 80 metres and apparently its not uncommon to spot turtles, dolphins and even the odd whale (during winter) whilst you’re up in the air.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Caught some great views of the Pt Douglas Peninsula

But in the end, the highlight for Charlie and I was our birds eye view of the elite part of Port Douglas as we drifted by, thanks to a super fine day and some high tides. For us it was all about being up so high, the calmness of being held aloft and the stillness of it all (once we stopped squealing with joy that is).

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Loving our time up in the ‘Air’

What impressed me most was the ease at which you got hoisted up ‘high’, think 80 metres, or even higher if you choose the Mega Flight option – 120 metres! Despite the amount of adrenalin pumping through your body when your parasail first catches the wind and shoots skywards, this really is a ‘soft’ adventure – you honestly feel like you’re ‘floating on air’ up there. It’s easy to see how people of all ages (from 6-80+yrs) and abilities can do it and yet still receive a massive adrenalin buzz.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Someone’s PUMPED to be here!!

After seeing the reaction of my children as they returned from aloft, I believe it is something every parent should do with their child……just by pushing them slightly outside their comfort zones, the reward is obvious – its written all over their faces when they’re back at ground level.

Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

Kids would happily do this again

And just so you know, Parasailing Port Douglas has made it into the Top 5 ‘must do’ activities for my kids, which is saying something ‘cause they’ve got a lot of experiences under their belt now. Watch our short video on what it’s like to ‘fly’ below……

Good Things to Know:

  • You can do a solo flight or fly with a friend/family (tandem flight). Kids over 12yrs can fly on their own and under 12’s are welcome to fly but only in tandem with an adult. The minimum age is 6yrs old but it is more dependent on their size – they will need to fit safely into a harness.
  • No special skills are needed, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Take-off’s and landings are very slow and gentle and you truly feel like you are “floating on air”. The experience if far more gentle and relaxing than you think even if you normally have a fear of heights (my partner Rob can vouch for this).
  • There is no requirement to get wet as you take-off and land directly on the boat and if you want a ‘water-dip’ there’s no extra cost.

    Port Douglas Things to Do – Uplift Watersports Parasailing

    Getting wet is optional

  • The total trip time is dependent on how many people there is on board (maximum of 10 passengers). If it’s a full boat then you should allow 1.5hrs in total but most trips will be between 45min and 1hr.
  • The normal height is approximately 80 meters high but you can request a Mega flight (dependent on wind levels and passengers weight) which will take you to a height of approx. 120 meters. There is an extra cost if your keen for this thrill.
  • Parasailing is a very weather dependent activity and they cannot run in high winds over 20 knots or in heavy rain.
  • Uplift Watersports also offer jet ski hire (no experience or licence required) and private charters to snorkel Low Isles – just enquire at the booking desk.

If you head to my Facebook page there is a competition on until midnight 29th Jan 2017 to WIN 2 Tandem Flights with Uplift Watersports.

Our tour was complimentary BUT all views, opinions and photos in this article are 100% my own.

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Have you tried Parasailing yet? What other activities have made it on your Port Douglas things to do list?

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