Accommodation Cairns – 5 Reasons to consider Airbnb

Booking accommodation via Airbnb was a first for me but I thought it was about time I gave it a go. Sure, we chose a place in our backyard Cairns BUT we wanted to give the process a trial run, before committing to using it on the road. So what did we like about Airbnb? Well here’s 5 things that ticked my box……

Accommodation Cairns

We wanted to chose some ‘different’ accommodation right on Cairns Waterfront

1. Slick Website

You’ve got to love a really schmicko website, where everything is laid out and easy to understand and very functional. I just typed in Accommodation ‘Cairns’ and I was off. There were easy to fill out boxes such as check in/check out dates, number of guests, a scalable price range, and some nice pics of possible accommodation plus a map.

Accommodation Cairns

The Airbnb website is a breeze to use

My only hitch was finding our particular accommodation because we knew we wanted to stay on a boat and because it was a bit quirky it was a bit difficult to work out what type of accommodation it came under – a home, an apartment?

Accommodation Cairns

Finding a boat to stay overnight in took a bit of searching but it was worth it!

2. Awesome Communication Channels

I loved how easy it was to communicate with the host when we had some extra questions. Not only were our messages sent via email but they also get sent via SMS, so away from the computer (as I normally am whilst travelling) I still received the answers to my questions.

Accommodation Cairns

Chatting to our Airbnb host was easy.

Another added bonus was that I could send a reply straight back via the emails that did come through, rather than be redirected back through the main website to say “thanks, and see you soon”. Airbnb also sent through a few additional emails, reminding us of our impending travel and our accommodation details as it got closer to the date.

3. Meet the Locals

I have to say that often the big difference when you stay somewhere new is how much interaction you have with the locals. In the past it has added so much more flavour to my travel experiences.

Accommodation Cairns

Our hosts also owned the Prawnstar which was a great place to share some YUMMY seafood on the back deck

An Airbnb experience really does give you more of a chance to ‘meet a local’. Often your ‘host’ (the owner of the accommodation) is your first point of contact when you pick up your keys. It’s a far cry from the sanitized version of standing in line at a reception desk and meeting someone in uniform.

In our case the hosts were the owners of Prawnstar Cairns – a seafood trawler berthed at the Cairns Marina – which is a great place to purchase some yummy Australian seafood. You can read more about our experience here >> Seafood BBQ on the Esplanade.

4. Unique Accommodation

Accommodation Cairns

The view from our ‘balcony’ was very unique

Our main reason to try Airbnb was to try something a little bit ‘different’. Sure, there’s plenty of accommodation along the Cairns waterfront but actually ‘on the water’… that is special.

Accommodation Cairns

Our living space had all the comforts PLUS a kick-arse view!

Airbnb allowed us to stay on a boat and even though we weren’t able to sail off into the horizon, just the simple fact of being on the water amongst all the other boaties gave us a great feel for what it would be like to be part of this community…..and we liked it!

Accommodation Cairns

Cozy sleeping quarters

And it doesn’t just stop at boats. I’ve heard there’s all types of other accommodation to try out on Airbnb – igloos, castles, treehouses, classic Queenslanders….

Accommodation Cairns

Entertain & Holiday in style in this Historic Queenslander

Lets face it, staying in someone’s actual house (or apartment) in a different country will always be a unique experience in itself. Which brings me to my next point…..

6. Accommodation with Personality

When your travelling its great to have a room that’s clean and functional but what if your place was infused with the personality of the people who lived there?  Often a snapshot of your room won’t bring back a flood of memories but in our case it definitely will.

Accommodation Cairns

We loved all the ‘quirky’ boat decor that our accommodation naturally came with.

For us, the experience was more than just staying the night in Cairns cause after all it’s our backyard right! It was the opportunity to taste a different type of lifestyle, right in the centre of our beautiful city and enjoy all that was on offer. Don’t believe us? Then watch our short video below to get a feel for the spot……

Good Things to Know:

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Our stay was complimentary BUT all views, opinions and photos in this article are 100% my own.

Have you tried out Airbnb Accommodation? Cairns has many choices when it comes to accommodation – Do you have any favourite spots you would recommend?