Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to remind you all that this is the time of year that should be all about ‘slowing down’ and ‘smelling the roses’ – ie. DON’T let yourself get too caught up in all that commercialisation, stay true to yourself and remember to give You (with a Capital “Y”) some love too. This may of course mean leaning into your family and friends to make it all happen.

Happy New Year 2018 via @AdventureMumma

If you really want to feel the True Spirit of Christmas, reach out a little bit further and share, smile or talk to someone new and you many never know, you may be the difference that see’s them looking forward to another Christmas in the not too distant future….

After all, did anyone notice how quickly 2017 flew past….I mean seriously! WTF!!!!

If you want to know what Adventure Mumma will be up to during these school holidays then you HAVE TO read the article below about going ‘old school’ over these holidays…..for me it will be all about enjoying a #70sSummer and minimising, or at least being a lot more cleverer about my Social Media usage 😀 #watchthisspace 😉

Happy New Year 2018 via @AdventureMumma

On a side note I’d like say a BIG thank you to all the people who I met and helped me through a rough patch at the Cairns Base Hospital Mental Health Unit, plus (of course) all my family and friends who had my back all the way. Apologies to all those that may have wondered where I disappeared to  – not a lot of people knew that I took a break from my list of duties and took some time out just to sleep, rest up and shut myself away for a time…..

Anyway, I’m happy to say I’m back home and gradually easing myself back into the flow of things. On a personal note I have to say that I did not miss being around for the last week of school and the first week or so of the school holidays in the slightest (thank you Rob for juggling it all during that period & Mum & Dad for always being there xxxxx).

The main message for all of us is to remember to #gooutside and get some #naturetherapy, don’t forget to give yourself some #selflove and surround yourself with people that really care and who will bend over backwards for you. It’s definitely worked for me and I’m seriously looking forward to 2018 and all that it brings………

So, WHAT are your thoughts? Is this summer going to be a BIGGER than Ben Hur for your and the kids, or are you taking a page out of my book and enjoy chilling, let the kids play outside (and away from you) and take some time out for yourself?

If you want to read more hints on how to cope with school holidays Click HERE & check out this article – The Importance of Kids School Holidays.

One of our BIGGEST Highlights in 2017 was our road trip via The Outback Way, (where that pic was taken of us star gazing) – It’s a seriously cool drive that takes from the East Coast to the West Coast (or vice versa) via a ‘shortcut’. Click HERE to read more! This is where both the kids and I got some serious digi free time and enjoyed rebooting our energy levels. Driving BIG distances across the Outback can do that for you…………