4 Family-Friendly Australia Day Activities to Enjoy

What are your plans for this week? It’s always a bit of an odd one for us here in Sunny Queensland. If you have a young family then you know school has returned this week….and then no sooner have you got them settled in, they get a day off (thanks to the Australia Day public holiday) and then they’re back at school, and then they’re not…..get my drift 😉 Although rumour has it there’ll be a record amount of ‘sickies’ pulled this Friday (in true Aussie fashion some may say :/ ).

Long weekend or not, my question is:

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

My favourite little Aussies

What do YOU do on Australia Day?

a) Throw a Barbie with the mates (or family).

b) Get involved in a community event.

c) Enjoy a chill day.

d) Work!! Don’t worry, I was one of the ‘lucky ones’ (NOT!!) thanks to being involved with Hospitality & Tourism…I guess someone has to do it but my workplace used to be the GBR so I wasn’t too upset to be honest).

WHATEVER your plans I thought I’d ADD my suggestions for family-friendly Australia Day Activities………..


Or failing that go to a very good Seafood Restaurant on the day…if you’re lucky enough to be in TNQ here’s my HOT TIPS:

Pick up some fresh LOCAL seafood from the PrawnStar to throw on a FREE barbie on the Esplanade. Click HERE for more details.

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

Enjoy a Seafood Barbie on the Cairns Esplanade (thanks to the Prawn Star)

Get the Bucket of Prawns and a wine deal ($24) at the ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in Australia’ – 2 Fish Port Douglas. Click HERE for more info.

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

Charlie lovin’ the prawns from this spot (that’s why they’re all gone!!!)

2. Enjoy your BACKYARD

Now you’re probably thinking I’m talking about hosting a barbie or party in your backyard (which has its qualities) BUT if you’re planning on some games (ie. cricket being the obvious choice) then you might want to find a big enough patch of grass, so try the neighbourhood park) or a beach close by.

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

Throw a snag on the barbie will ya….

Personally, I’m planning on taking the family to a freshwater creek nearby and inviting some mates because right now in Cairns it’s HOT, damn HOT & it’s also the ‘GREEN season’ (as the tourism operators like to call it 😉 ) and we may actually get some rain on Australia Day – which is fine by us locals ‘cause it might actually cool things down!!

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

Hows this for a place to spend Australia Day!!

So if you’re like me and a freshwater swimming hole/creek sounds like the best option then here’s a reminder of what’s close to Cairns -> Freshwater Escapes – Cairns favourite swimming holes. Just get there early and don’t forget to bring the lilos! 😀

Of course, If you are hosting an OZ Day party then you may want to try some of these FUN activities to remind friends & families of their ‘Aussieness’:

  • Cricket (I’ll be totally honest it’s the only time I have interest in the game).
  • Thong Throwing competition (pretty easy to set up ‘cause most people will be wearing a pair).

    4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

    A great Aussie tradition

  • Cane Toad racing (suited to the Far North and best to catch the critters the night before).
  • The Great Aussie Quiz (click HERE to download )
  • Lamington eating (not sure about the rules but sounds yummy).

3. Join an Event!!

Not sure what’s on near you? There’s a great ‘Australia Day’ website that lists what’s happening in different locations. Check it out HERE >> Australia Day Events.

Of special interest to us Queenslanders are the ‘Great Australian Bites’ events (inc. food, fun and festivities) which are happening in Brisbane, Longreach, Airlie Beach AND Port Douglas.

ALSO up in Port Douglas is the QT Resort Pool Party!! Starts at midday.

If you’re in Cairns then check out some of these options:

4. Overseas Option

If you’re not in OZ and you’re planning on celebrating then I hope you’ve been stockpiling all your vegemite (cause yaaaayyyyy it’s owned by Aussie’s again), Fosters (kidding….who drinks that @#$% anyway), and sourcing some very good ‘shrimps’ (kidding again) to throw on the barbie. Or will it be lamb?? Which reminds me I spotted this great Ad that makes me remember why I love my country so much.

So however you do it, ENJOY!! I’d love to know what your plans are OR what you did on the day so please SHARE – leave a comment below, send me an email OR SHARE a Photo on FACEBOOK (click HERE to go to my Adventure Mumma page).

AND before I forget there’s an opportunity to WIN 2 x Tandam Parasails with Uplift Watersports….ENTER HERE!!!

AND FINALLY, I haven’t quite made it on the Australian of the Year nomination list yet 😉 BUT I did make it on this LIST!!!

4 Family Friendly Australia Day Activities to enjoy

Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Awesome Hey 😀

Take care, enjoy your day & please SHARE what awesome stuff you’re up to.