High Tea at Pullman Cairns International

I’ve always been happy to go to the Pullman Cairns International. With its huge colonial style entrance, floor to ceiling arch windows, plush furniture, decadent fixtures and sweeping staircase – for me its always been Cairns’ equivalent of Raffles Singapore. So to be invited to their High Tea ‘Instameet’ was just the excuse I needed to soak in the atmosphere of their grand lobby.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

Matt Lonne (Exec Chef ) explaining what’s on the High Tea menu

So what is High Tea? Well for some reason it has always bought up visions of cakes and tea (by the plentiful) and people sitting around balancing fine china with their pinkies and enjoying frivolous conversation, and then there’s the sugar overdose…..In other words it was an activity that I had never really seeked out before now.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

A table full of foodie Instagrammers – no Snobs here 😉

The good news is I was proved wrong on a lot of points. Number one being the drinks. I am happy to note that alcohol was available as well as an amazing variety of mocktails, some awesome iced tea, traditional tea (of course) and some kick-arse coffee.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

The drinks are as good as the food

The other surprise is that there is an equal amount of savoury items on the menu which have as much detail and attention to them as the desserts.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

Savouries as well as desserts are on offer here

In fact, the cakes and pastries were only part of the fare that was on offer – I learnt later that finger sandwiches without crusts are the norm, as are scones with jam and cream at High Tea events.

High Tea Pullman Cairns InternationalSkip a meal and save yourself for the food that is on offer here. Don’t try and wedge it in between your normal meals, go all out and treat yourself ‘proper’.

So once you’ve decided where you will start on the 3-tiered silver stands you are in for a taste bonanza. I’ve never been a big fan of desserts (I’d choose an entrée over sweets any day) but I couldn’t resist the look of the watermelon mousse and knew I had to start my gourmet tour here.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

The watermelon mousse looked, and tasted divine

Although sweet, the taste of the mousse was well balanced by the sour-gel capsule that poked out from its side (please note that this is a tiny pipette and all you need to do is squeeze it gently….don’t try and twist the end off like I did!!).

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

My daughter was happy I saved some macarons for her & her friends

I was also pleasantly surprised with the peanut butter and jelly macaron. Neither peanut butter OR macarons are on my menu of ‘must have’ items BUT in this case the sweetness of the macaron was evened out by the crunchy saltiness of the peanut paste inside.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

Peking Duck Eclair & a deconstructed Beef Wellington (left to right)

And yes, I did manage to squeeze in some savouries as well. There was bite-size portions of Beef Wellington and Peking Duck but my favourite by far would have to be the pate. In fact I may (or may not) have managed to secure a few plates of this from various locations along the table.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

Betroot & ricotta tartlets (savoury NOT dessert)

Meanwhile the cameras were going off around the table and I’m pretty sure between us all we managed to spam the Tropical North Queensland Instagram account for at least a week with all our delish foody images. I definitely gave my own Instagram account a break from my normal outdoorsy shots with my kids doing active stuff.

High Tea Pullman Cairns International

Had to remember we were taking pics for the Instameet ( & not just there to eat)

And where were my kids during all of this you ask? Well they did have an invite but chose to ‘hang out’ with friends at a local freshwater creek rather than join me for a ‘sugar fix’ – it seems I’ve taught them too well!

Good Things to Know:

  • High Tea is available daily from 10:30am – 4pm & the menu changes weekly
  • High Tea Pullman Cairns InternationalRing Coco’s for bookings: +61 7 4050 2101
  • Pullman Cairns International offer a range of dining options including Tapastry (tapas dishes to share), a seafood buffet, just deserts and an a-la-carte menu. They also hold special events and make sure you LIKE their Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s on offer.
  • Dietary requirements are catered for (just notify the staff when ordering)
  • For the inside scoop on the latest temptations at Pullman Cairns International follow these chef Instagram accounts –> @melday15 @_ash93 & @mattlonne80

Family Friendly options: Reduced buffet prices for children & also children’s a la carte menus available.

If you’ve never heard of an Instameet – click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE to go to the Pullman Cairns International dining website.

Have you dined at the Pullman Cairns International yet? Have you enjoyed a High Tea before?