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I’m a big believer of pursuing your passions. It’s what’s been driving me for the past 40 years of my life (for the first 8 years I was busy just being a kid). For me it’s all about making your life a little less ordinary. How do you know when you’ve found something you’re passionate about? For me it’s something that time and time again gives you that special thrill, that drives you to keep going against all odds, that the more you do of it the better you become at it…..

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

Inspiring others to do things like this makes my heart go ‘thump’

Personally I know I’ve found it with my story telling. Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than hearing from someone else that I’ve really captured the essence of a tour, an activity, or a destination. Or maybe it’s inspired another to visit that place or try something new just because they saw my pictures or read my story.

Adventure Mumma is a culmination of my passion for story telling, being outdoors and being with my family. It has put me outside my comfort zone and placed me and my family firmly centre stage.

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

Behind the camera lens is where I feel most comfortable

As a photographer I have always preferred to be behind the camera lens, NOT in front of it. And because I’m like a Mumma Bear when it comes to my kids, constantly featuring them on my Social Media accounts raises all sorts of issues for me…..BUT, it’s only by doing this that we have been able to reap the greatest rewards.

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

So lucky to do sooooo many family adventures in Tropical North Queensland

Not only has ‘Adventure Mumma’ given my family and I a range of experiences that our combined household wage couldn’t cope with, it has also meant that I’ve been able to inspire others to do similar things and get outside more with their families. PLUS there’s the added bonus of being able to give away thousands of dollars of gear and activities to my followers (and a BIG thanks to all the tour operators and brands that have got involved).

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

It has also opened up the doors to far greater possibilities. Like the opportunity to be in the running for an all expenses paid trip (complete with car and caravan) down the East Coast of Australia with Dometic Australia (who provide compact and innovative products products to the Aussie caravan crowd) whilst at the same time supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

Can you see our family road tripping in this?? (I can!!)

If we WIN this competition, it not only gives me the opportunity to do something I have dreamt about since the kids came into our life BUT it also gives us, as a family, the ability to help a greater cause.

Follow the Sun Dometic Australia

I know that by leveraging my strengths as a writer, visual storyteller and a master of Social Media (some would argue ‘Junkie’) that I could help shine the light on the Breast Cancer Foundation and help raise what I believe could be significant funds to go towards research.

What an awesome lesson it would be to teach the kids that you can lead a life a life full of passion and also one that helps others.

Follow the Sun Dometic AustraliaAND if we don’t win? Well it’s not the end of the world because I’ve taught them another important lesson, to step outside your comfort zone and give something a go….because after all you never know where it may lead you!!!

The PRIZE Includes:

  • 3 month road trip from August to October 2016
  • NBCF Pink Minnie Caravan and tow vehicle to use for the duration of the road trip
  • Portable products prize package worth up to $5,000
  • Travel package valued up to $10,000 that covers selected travel expenses

On a final note I should add that my daughters not convinced we should go if we win. Her dance concert is towards the end of the year and if we go on the Dometic Australia Follow the Sun roadtrip we would miss it! She’s accused me of putting my passions before her… seems I’ve taught her only too well!! 😀

What is your passion?? How could you leverage it to live a more fulfilled and passionate life?

READ MORE about the Follow the Sun competition HERE and watch our video submission below.

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