Family Friendly Port Douglas Restaurants – Watergate Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Our recent trip to Port Douglas gave us the perfect opportunity to sample dining out at a ‘fancy’ restaurant as a family. It was our first real attempt at a ‘proper’ restaurant and a nice a break from the pub cuisine that we normally opt for when going out as a family unit. The good news is that we loved our experience at Watergate Restaurant for these 4 reasons……..

Port Douglas Restaurants

The park that is right next door to Watergate Restaurant

1. Watergate Restaurant is located next to a small park.

While we were soaking up Watergate’s lounge bar atmosphere and planning our next big day of activities in Port Douglas, the kids were happily burning off that last bit of energy (that they always seem to have) at the park nearby.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Can you imagine yourself sipping cocktails here?
Image by Watergate

The good news is that parts of the cocktail bar area overlook the gardens so we were able to keep a sharp eye on their antics, and they could easily return to refuel on their lemonades. For families with younger kids (ours are 9 and 11) this probably wouldn’t be an option, as there is a road on the other side of the park.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Hmmmmm…..this is my kinda bar 😉

2. The Service was impeccable.

I’m sure there was a small army of wait staff on attendance at Watergate the night we were there (and there probably is every night). Everyone on the staff were smiling, attentive and there when we needed them.

Port Douglas Restaurants

The staff were never far away

Anyone who dines out with kids truly appreciates the ability to wave down a waiter when you really need them. The staff that we dealt with were more than happy to provide an extra serve of fish with our sons ‘kid’s meal’ and thankfully the wait on their dishes was next to nothing…..another crucial factor when taking kids out on the town to eat.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Sesame crusted yellowfin tuna

3. The Food looked and tasted Awesome!

Always a biggy for us (as I’m sure it is for most). The presentation of the dishes were impressive and thankfully it was followed through with the all important ‘taste’ test.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Decisions, Decisions (Cuttlefish, Scallops & Crocodile from l-r)

Both kids gave the crocodile starter a BIG thumbs up – this was after we had cruised the Daintree River and admired these creatures in the wild…..(go figure!!).

Port Douglas Restaurants

Josh didn’t manage to finish his icecream on this night!

And of course the desserts were their number 1 favourite course, although it must be noted that my son didn’t get through all of his ‘icecream’ dish – a real turn up for the books (I think he very nearly overdosed on sugar)!

4. Decent Size Servings.

I’m sure every family dining out wants to see value for money. I’m a big fan of fancy food but I’m still keen to see a plate of food that will serve my appetite and my kids and not leave us hungry after a night of eating out.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Finishing off the night with the sorbet

I’m happy to say Watergate Restaurant fulfilled this requirement easily. The serving sizes were more than substantial and easily made you feel satisfied at the end of the night.

Port Douglas Restaurants

I would love to return for an ‘adult’ night & enjoy a cocktail or 2……
Image by Watergate

SO, would we return? Absolutely!! Although I may have to work out a way to sneak away and have some ‘Adult’ time here for a change. Even if it is just the opportunity to ‘pop’ in and take full advantage of that decadent cocktail lounge of theirs…….

Port Douglas Restaurants

Open Dining area
Image by Watergate

Good Things to Know:

  • Located at the corner of Grant and Macrossan Street in Port Douglas, right next to the Rotary Park.
  • The entrance is down a flame lit path from Macrossan Street.
  • Happy Hour runs from 4-6pm every day at their cocktail bar. Both indoor and outdoor dining available.

    Port Douglas Restaurants

    The menu on the night we dined

  • The cuisine is modern Australia.
  • The restaurant is open for lunch from midday and dinner is served from 5.30pm, 7 days a week.

Are you a lover of a good restaurant, even if you are towing kids along with you? Any other Family Friendly Port Douglas Restaurants that you’d recommend?

Family Friendly Port Douglas Restaurants - Watergate via @adventuremumma

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